About this blog and the book

This is the companion blog for the book This Is Philosophy of Mind: An Introduction by Pete Mandik, currently under contract with Wiley-Blackwell Publishers. Blog posts will feature supplementary material (like links to videos, further readings, instructor materials) on core topics in the philosophy of mind. Additionally, this blog is home to the Philosophy of Mind MetaResource, a guide to online dictionary and encyclopedia articles on key terms in philosophy of mind.

Here's a link to the proposal for the book: link. And here's the projected table of contents:

1. Meet Your Mind
2. Substance Dualism
3. Property Dualism
4. Idealism, Solipsism, and Panpsychism
5. Behaviorism and Other Minds
6. Mind as Brain
7. Nonhuman Minds: Thinking Machines, Animals, and Aliens
8. Functionalism
9. Mental Causation, Epiphenomenalism, and Anomalous Monism
10. Eliminativism
11. Perception, Imagination, and Emotion
12. The Will: Willpower and Freedom
13. Intentionality and Mental Representation
14. Consciousness and Qualia
15. Is This the End? Personal Identity and Immortality

(Last updated September 20, 2011)